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Red Cloud Wolves Series (Box Set available in Digital & Print)

"Red Cloud Wolves 1, Silver Dreams is an illustration of Kate Steele's extraordinary capacity to merge a great plot with hilarity, emotions and love scenes so sizzling I was transported to red cloud nine." (Joyfully Recommended, Joyfully Reviewed)


"Another exciting installment in the Red Cloud Wolves series. Night Gems is a gem indeed." (4 Angels, Fallen Angel Reviews)

"With a perfectly depicted old-west mining town and a death-promising desert drawing the reader in while driving the suspense, I found myself standing within each vividly projected scene. Red Cloud Wolves 2, Night Gems. (5 Hearts, The Romance Studio)


"… flowing, fluid, and not a word wasted. Red Cloud Wolves 3, Facets of Night, is a wonderful read. (5 Angels, Fallen Angel Reviews)


"Red Cloud Wolves is a very engrossing series. Beautifully written and very enjoyable. Kate Steele fans will love this collection of stories." (Joyfully Reviewed)


Bonds of the Maleri' Series (Box Set available in Digital & Print)


"… intriguing story line and descriptive characters. I recommend it. Bond of the Maleri 1, Mate Hunt" (5 Hearts, The Romance Studio) 

"… another sizzling offering. If possible, this entry is even better than the first. Double or Nothing, Bond of the Maleri' 2 (5 Hearts, The Romance Studio)


"Between Love and Law, Bond of the Maleri' 3 is the second book that I have read by Kate Steele and I LOVED IT! (4 Stars, Just Erotic Romance Reviews)


"Once again Ms. Steele has taken the world of the Maleri' and expanded it to a new level. …another fantastic read. Ride 'Em Cowboy, Bond of the Maleri' 4" (5 Angels, Fallen Angel Reviews)


"… incredibly well written. Sexually graphic, Redemption, Bond of the Maleri' 5 showed the spirit of love as only a talented author could do." (5 Hearts, The Romance Studio)


Christmas Magic Multi-Author Series

Something Real (Christmas Magic 6)


"If you like Christmas stories with lots of sweet surprises, if you want to see a Christmas non-believer realize that there is such a thing as Christmas magic after all, and if you’re looking for a fun, wintery read with a few surprises and lots of loving, then you will probably like this charming short story." (Rainbow Reviews) 


Feast of Fortune Series (Box Set available in Digital & Print)


"Feast of Fortune 1, Phantasmagoric Feast is a dark and tantalizing tale, full of unexpected twists. Ms. Steele's complex characters and delightfully wicked writing are sure to captivate old fans of the vampire genre as well as bring in many new ones." (5 Cherries, Whipped Cream Reviews)


"… a m/m erotic romance novel I thoroughly enjoyed and finished in one afternoon. Feast of Fortune 2, A Feast of Choice." (4 Stars, Just Erotic Romance Reviews)


"…emotionally riveting and a sensual treat to be relished. Feast of Fortune 3, Feast Anew. (4.5 Stars, Ecataromance)


Hoosier Werewolves Series (Box Set available in Digital & Print)


"The sex is sizzling, the emotions intense and very real. Hoosier Werewolf 1, Midnight Howl is a tale not to be missed." (5 Stars, Just Erotic Romance Reviews)


"…very enjoyable and definitely recommended. Hoosier Werewolf 2, Who Let the Wolf Out" (5 Stars, Just Erotic Romance Reviews)


"I've read every book in Ms. Steele's Hoosier Werewolf series and I have to say this (Things That Go Grrr #3) is my favorite." (4.5 Hearts, The Romance Studio)

"To the Highest Bidder. This book is laugh out loud funny. (4 Angels, Fallen Angel Reviews)


"I recommend that you get a copy for yourself…" Hoosier Werewolves 4 (Box Set)(4.5 Hearts, Love Bytes LGBTQ Book Reviews)


Set In Stone Multi-Author Series

Gimme Shelter (Set In Stone 8)


"…a great read for anyone who loves to fall in love" (5 Shooting Stars, Redz World Reviews)


"This story was so wonderful. It has everything laughter and tears. Good vs. Evil and a HEA. Will definitely read more from this author." (kindle customer, Amazon)


Soul Familiar Series


"A creative well paced plot with gorgeous characters… extremely heartwarming and hilarious. Soul Familiar 1, Lucky Dog." (5 Nymphs, Literary Nymph Reviews)


"The intimate scenes are electrifying and the whole story is immensely enjoyable. Soul Familiar 2, Unpredictable." (5 Nymphs, Literary Nymphs Reviews)


"… steamy, tender and mouthwateringly delicious. I can't wait to see the next installment in this awesome series. Soul Familiar 2, Unpredictable." (5 Angels, Fallen Angel Reviews)


"…another heartwarming story that radiates with the importance of love and trust. Soul Familiar 3, Fated." (4.5 Nymphs, Literary Nymphs Reviews)


The Pet Promise


"The Pet Promise. Passion, lust and love intertwine with magic." (5 Angels and A Recommended Read, Fallen Angel Reviews)


To Trust A Wolf


"Scorching hot, passionate and dynamic... This sensational saga will have you glued to your seat. I am pleased to declare To Trust A Wolf a Recommended Read along with five magnificent gleaming Angels" (Fallen Angels Reviews)


"With highly sensual and erotic sex scenes, your senses will be set afire …  the temptation is too great not to finish it in one sitting." (5 Cups, Coffee Time Romance Reviews & More)


The Orb of Atrios & Chosen of the Orb


"… a delightful story. Just when you think the story is settled and about over with, it sends you spinning with a new twist making a great story even better. For that alone The Orb of Atrios deserves a Perfect 10" (2005 Best Erotic Romance, Romance Reviews Today


"If I had to pick one word to describe this story, it would be "Fantastic!" The Orb of Atrios is a sizzling story…" (5 Angels, Fallen Angel Reviews)


"If strong characters, steamy sex and an easy to follow story entice you, you will enjoy Kate Steele's Chosen of the Orb." (4.5 Starts, Just Erotic Romance Reviews)


"Chosen of the Orb. I loved this short, sometimes sweet and certainly sizzling story and you will too!" (5 Stars, Just Erotic Romance Reviews)


Altered Heart


"… real life characters lure me into this saga and held me spellbound to the very end of this tantalizing, thought provoking and very sensual tale. Altered Heart is a keeper to be read more than once." (5 Nymphs, A Golden Blush, Literary Nymphs Recommended Read)


"Altered Heart. "Just to tell you how good this book is, I read it all the way through twice in two days!" (5 Cups, Coffee Time Romance Reviews & More)


"This is a fabulous story. I wish it could have gone on and on." (5 Angels, Fallen Angel Reviews)


What the Cat Dragged In


"What the Cat Dragged In is absolutely refreshing, a pure gem bursting with speed, wit and charm" (5 Stars and a Top Pick, Night Owl Reviews)


To the Highest Bidder


"To the Highest Bidder is a breathtaking story that illustrates the meaning of real love… (5 Nymphs, Literary Nymphs Reviews)


A Sure-Fire Cure & New Year's Fire


"A fast paced storyline flows smoothly from beginning to end. A Sure-Fire Cure by Kate Steele is to be commended for its originality and creativity." (4 Hearts, The Romance Studio)


"A Sure-Fire Cure. The sexual tension sizzles throughout the pages. Ms. Steele certainly knows how to turn up the heat with love scenes that will melt the monitor." (5 Hearts, Love Romances Reviews)


"…well written, very funny and sexy episode. New Year's Fire is an impressive and enjoyable story." (4 Nymphs, Literary Nymphs Reviews)


"New Year's Fire. Kate Steele brings back the two men we grew to love from A Sure-Fire Cure" (4 Angels, Fallen Angel Reviews)

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