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Transcending Darkness

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
ISBN 9781419926907
Genre: Werewolf




The Pet Promise

Publisher: Changeling Press
ISBN: 978-1-59596-852-4
Genre: Magic & Mayhem, G&L



To atone for his crime against Master Nerrin Arrian, Kail has just spent the last year as the master’s pet… complete with four legs, pointed ears, and a tail. With his term of service at an end, the master fulfills his part of the promise. He lifts the enchantment that turned Kail from human to canine.

There’s just one problem now. Kail’s fallen in love, and he’s resisting the final transformation from the bottom of his soul. He’s determined to stay with Master Nerrin… even if it means keeping the puppy ears and tail for the rest of his life.

"Kate Steele brings love, forgiveness, and loyalty to us in The Pet Promise. This is definitely a story for lovers of gay paranormal books."  5 Angels
  - NeNe, Fallen Angel Reviews


Altered Heart

Publisher: LooseID
Genre: LGBT Were/Shape-shifter Paranormal
Length: Novel

  E BOOK    


As a werewolf and an enforcer for the Committee for Supernatural Behavioral Enforcement, Mick Matranga has seen his share of lowlifes but Kevin Sutter, pack alpha, is one of the lowest. He has forcibly turned and taken prisoner a young human. Mick has been assigned to affect a rescue and bring Sutter to justice.

Dispatching the bad guy turns out to be the easy part of his assignment. Sutter's prisoner, Rio Hardin, turns out to be a smart-mouthed, sassy brat with the face of an angel who takes Mick's heart by storm. He's also a runaway turned hustler who has suffered numerous abuses in the course of his tumultuous life.

Bound by his code of honor and determined that Rio be protected at all costs, Mick makes it his personal duty to see to it that no one hurts Rio again. If that includes ignoring the instinctual knowledge that Rio is his mate and Rio's own desire to be with him, so be it.

There's only one flaw in his plan. Rio is about to go through his first shift, a very painful process which can only be made tolerable by applying a certain amount of distraction--sexual distraction. Mick has two choices. He can leave Rio in the hands of his very capable brother or he can give in to the mutual heat and need between them and indoctrinate his young charge into the ways of the werewolf.


What the Cat Dragged In

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
ISBN 9781419914782
Genre: Shape-shifter / Quickie / Gay



What could possibly bring an owl shifter and a cat shifter together?

Sweet, pure lust.

For Kyle and Bryan, it's the catalyst that gets them off to a hot but rocky start. What comes as a surprise to both of them is that lust can so quickly become something much, much more. But while love may be a thing many seek, for this mixed couple, it's the one thing that may tear them apart.


"Absolutely refreshing, a pure gem bursting with speed, wit and charm . . . smolders with tension and sensuality . . . the story grabs and enchants right from the beginning . . . erotic and charged with fire. Steele has penned something wonderfully flawless and fun; What the Cat Dragged In will not fail in submerging your senses in exotic flavors and passionate tension."  — Night Owl Reviews


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