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To See Beyond


Being a seer has given Keta Jinar of clan Ashfen everything he needs: a comfortable home, a respected place among his people and any possession he could wish for. It's also given him isolation, loneliness and a longing for someone he can never have; Tavian Vald, warrior and head of clan Raizar.


When the threat of an invasion forces an alliance between Ashfen and Raizar, Keta both anticipates and dreads the event. Tavian has set conditions for the joining of their two clans; one being the right to choose as his consort, any free member of clan Ashfen. On the one hand Tavian will be closer, on the other, seeing Tavian with a woman of Ashfen will tear Keta apart.


Through dangers and misunderstandings, Keta and Tavian will battle their way to a place where they can face each other with open hearts, thoughts and desires… unless the rise of an unexpected foe brings their world to an end.


Switcher's Rhapsody


Mengs of the Starship Brizo, never expected his vacation would end with a near crash landing on a backwater planet like Peldar. Resigned to several days of boredom while his shuttle is repaired, an unexpected meeting with a cute and sassy Adarian lands Mengs in a hornet's nest of trouble.


It seems Switcher has stolen a prize from a pack of poachers who will do anything to get it back. 


Stranded and on the run, Mengs and Switcher, with all odds against them, will fight their way free to save not only themselves, but a species on the verge of extinction.

The Hundred Years Mate


To cement the peace between two warring planets, every hundred years a member of their respective royal families is chosen to become the mate of one of their former enemies.


From the time he was old enough to understand, Prince Kaulen Visantin knew he would be the hundred years sacrifice and he's hated the thought with a vengeance. For good reason. His new husband, Crown Prince Tarant Helquin, is cold and disdainful and yet still determined to breed an heir on his less-than-eager, new mate.


Adrift in a household of vipers and trapped in a loveless marriage, Kaulen finds solace and joy from an unexpected source. When he inevitably becomes pregnant, Kaulen is resolved to make the best of a bad situation, but someone has other plans. Plans that include Kaulen's death.


A Meld of Hearts


Bren Arol, never wanted a second mate. Werewolves were supposed to be happy with one true mate and Bren loved his mate, Hrayn, with all his heart. But from the moment Bren met High Lord Vandrel Capel, Bren's melder heritage insisted that Van belonged with them.


Beloved by his people Vandrel Capel has friends and two children he dearly loves. Still, he is a man alone. No one fills his heart, until two men, one sweet and loving and the other generous and forbearing, enter his life. With Bren and Hrayn, Van is sure he's found true happiness… until fate intervenes.


Through the machinations of one man and one wicked deed, what begins for Bren, Hrayn and Van is torn asunder, but Van refuses to let go. He will do all in his power to save the love that began with three people destined to be together.