About Kate

From the time I first learned to read I was crazy about books. When I hit my teens I became an avid reader of romance, science fiction and fantasy. In my twenties I tried writing my first novel. It was going to be an epic pirate adventure/romance. Unfortunately the boat sank, and so I put my few pitiful pages away as a lost cause. A few years later I was going through a box of stuff and came across those pages. Of course I had to read them... and were they ever awful! It's fortunate I have a good sense of humor. I had a good laugh and threw away my freshman attempt at writing.


Twenty years went by, my love of books continued and for some reason, one day while reading I thought to myself "I could do this". And I did! The first book I ever wrote was accepted for publication and I've been writing ever since.


When not lost in thought over some story, I spend time outside trying to eradicate the weeds from my iris garden, lose myself in Japanese anime and manga or play maid to my dogs who for some odd reason think they're the boss!

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